International Demo Links

Logging into the
Enterprise X Demo

The links above to both the english versions and all of the internatioal versions log you into the system automatically, so there is no need to key-in a username / password.

If you accidentally log out of the demo, or, if you get logged-out for security reasons like a timeout, or would if you would like to see the full login screen with the Company / Division / Department login options, please go here:

 Enterprise X Demo Login Screen

(Click the images below for full size)

Here is the Login Information for the full login screen:
Integral Accounting Enterprise X Login Information

Switching Between Languages
In Enterprise X

The Integral Accounting Enterprise X system ships with many of the worlds most popular language and allows You to switch between these languages on-the-fly by using a drop-down in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Here is the Translation Drop-down:
Integral Accounting Enterprise X Language Translation

Entering a Support Reuqest
In Enterprise X

The Integral Accounting Enterprise X system comes with a complete help system and a complete help desk ticketing system with a Help Dashboard showing the latest support requests. It allows customers to sign-in and captures customer information if the customer is not already in the Enterprise X system.

The Help System is database driven by documents in the Enterprise Database which makes it very easy to maintain the support documents, and, allows you to link specific support documents to specific screens.

The help tickets entered by customers appear on the Help Desk dashboard and will also be mailed to the proper support email specified in the configuration files

Here is the location of the help documents and where to enter a support request:
Integral Accounting Enterprise X Entering Support Request

Programming Services

We can create a world-class Accounting or ERP system for your company in any programming language or development environment, using our existing accounting engine as a basis! Contact us for more information!


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