Integral Accounting Enterprise User Manual

A brief overview of the Integral Accounting Enterprise User Manual:

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL of the Integral Accounting Enterprise aplications share a similar common interface and support the exact same system functionality. Since all applications have been standardized, there is only a single set of user documentation for all of the Integral Accounting Enterprise Applications. 

The Integral Accounting Enterprise User Manual is a complete reference guide to the set-up and operation of the system. It should be completely read before doing any work with any data or setup within the system. It will explain the overall setup of the Company, Ledger, and important sub-records. It also has sections on the systems handling of the AR, AP, Inventory, and other important sections of the systems operation. 

 About this Help System

The help system that is included with the Integral Accounting Enterprise System is separated into four main parts:

Getting Started & Installation Guide - This guide contains all of the information that you need to know in order to Install and Configure the Integral Accounting Enterprise software. This section also contains information about our license agreement and the system set-up checklist.

User Manual - This guide contains the end-user documentation for the system, including detailed documentation on how to enter and process orders, invoices, purchase orders, payments, how to apply cash and how the general ledger works.

Technical Reference Guide - This guide contains technical information about the system such as naming conventions and systems functions including the base classes, modifying web services, how security and record locking work, and information about the shipping components.

Troubleshooting Guide - This guide contains a list of the steps and procedures that need to be followed when an error occurs in the system, and lists the common errors that may occur in the system and how to resolve these errors.

Please be sure to read and review all of these documents prior to installation and configuration of the Integral Accounting Enterprise System.