Integral Accounting Enterprise Troubleshooting Guide

A brief overview of the Integral Accounting Enterprise Troubleshooting Guide:

This document lists all of the common errors that occur when using the Integral Accounting Enterprise X system, and lists the solutions of these problems. This document should be read completely before attempting the Integral Accounting Enterprise system. The answers to 99.9% of the requests for support are answered in this document, so you should review it before contacting STFB Inc. Technical Support department.

Troubleshooting Checklist

If you are having a problem logging into the Integral Accounting Enterprise X program, please review the list below to see if any of the items fixes your problem:

READ THE ERROR MESSAGE! Many times, the Server Generated error message tells you EXACTLY what and where the problem is, and you can correct this yourself or figure out what went wrong with the installation without having to contact technical support. 

For example, if the virtual directories are not configured connection, the actual error message states this, and this means that you did not configure the virtual directories per the installation instructions and there should be no need to contact support. 

1) Did you make sure to check the "Common Problems" Section of this website? If it is any kind of 401 Error or 404 Error, did you check the 401 Errors Section? Can you access the default website on your machine via localhost? Please check these sections before proceeding.

If you can't open a browser, type " http://localhost" and get a webpage served, then, there is something wrong with your server which must be fixed before we can tropubleshoot the software. 

2) If the problem is with one of the demo applications, did you check the "Demo Problems" section of the website? Please do so before proceeding.

3) Is the database installed correctly and can you access it from your development machine? This can be tested by using another program, such as Microsoft Access, to connect to the enterprise database on the MySQL Server? Also be sure that the database can be accessed via (local).

4) Did you change the connection strings within the application to match your environment? You need to change connection information in the application config file.

5) Are the Enterprise Applications set up in IIS as applications, and are the directories set for web sharing? You have to manually adjust the IIS Settings for the Enterprise  application. You need to set-up Enterprise Application as a web application and use web sharing to share the directory.

7) Check your configuration and Project files? Please check your configuration files and project files and make sure the links to the web services in those files are correct.

8) Can you duplicate the Problem at our demo site at ? 

If you are still having problems, please visit our trial application to see if you can duplicate the problem at our online demo. If you can duplicate the error, then it is a bug in the application and needs to be reported, please follow the procedure in the "Requesting Technical Support" section for information on how to request help with problems.