Tax Groups

Tax Groups are collections of Tax Group Details. Each Tax Group holds the Tax Group Details that are collected in that Tax Group. Before using Tax Items and Tax Group Details in transactions, the Tax Items must be collected into Tax Group Details which are then collected into Tax Groups. The Tax Groups table stores the individual Tax Groups and is used by the system in certain transactions.

The Tax Groups screen can be accessed from the Company Setup menu. The Integral Accounting Enterprise system comes shipped with basic Tax Groups as a sample of various Tax Groups. During the Setup and Installation process, and as one of the items on the Setup Checklist, the Tax Group table must be reviewed and the Tax Groups customized to meet the way your company does business.\

The diagram to the left details the Sales Tax and VAT Tax Organization within the Integral Accounting Enterprise. It is recommended that this diagram be studied to understand the tax organization before entering taxes and transactions involving taxes.






To Create a New Tax Group:

To create a New Tax Group, from the Tax Groups screen click the New button. This will bring up a blank screen where you can enter the Tax Group ID and select the Tax Group Details for that particular Tax Group.

Tax Group ID: The first field when entering a New Tax Group is the Tax Group ID. Enter the ID that will be used for the Tax Group you are setting up. 

Do not enter anything in the Total Percent field. That field is automatically populated based on the total of the Tax from the Tax Group Details.

2. Select the Tax Group Details for the Tax Group: Click the Select Tax Group Details button to select the Tax Group Details for this Tax Group. After clicking the Select Tax Group Detail button a screen will appear where you can check the Tax Group Details to be included in the Tax Group you are creating. Click each Tax Group Detail you wish to include and click the OK button when finished. The Tax Group Details will appear in the Tax Group list for that Tax Group.

3. Entering a New Tax Group Detail: New Tax Group Details should be entered through the Tax Group Details screen, but they can also be entered at the time of setting up the Tax Group. To enter a New Tax Group Detail from the Tax Group Detail screen, click the New Tax Group Detail button. A blank screen will appear where a new Tax Group Detail can be entered.

NOTE: When a New Tax Group Detail is created from the Tax Group screen, it is automatically included in that Tax Group.

To Edit or Delete a Tax Group Detail from a Tax Group:

Clicking the edit (pencil) button next to a Tax Group Detail will allow you to edit that Tax Group Detail. Note that any changes made to the Tax Group Detail are made globally in the system, not just for that Tax Group.

To delete a Tax Group Detail from a Tax Group, click the delete button (the red X) and that Tax Group Detail will be removed from that Tax Group.

When you are finished creating and working with that Tax Group, click the OK button to save the Tax Group and return to the main Tax Group Screen.