Shipping Orders

After an order has been picked, the picking ticket printed, and the order packed, it is now ready to be shipped. The next step is to record in the software what the tracking number is for a specific order and note that it is cleared for invoicing.

To ship an order and clear it for invoicing, from the Accounts Receivable Menu, select Ship Orders. This will bring up a screen displaying all the orders that were picked and ready to be shipped. Check the box next to the order number you wish to work with and click the blue truck icon. This will bring up the two boxes for that order that data can be entered into.

Enter the date the order is shipping in the Shipping Date field. The date must be entered as mm/dd/yyyy.

Enter the tracking number in the Tracking Number Field.

After the data is entered, click the floppy disk icon. This saves the data and allows you to work with another order, if need be. Check the box next to the order you just entered the information for, and you can go onto the next order.

Once you have entered all the shipping information for the orders you are working with, click the Ship Selected Order button at the top of the screen. This will enable the system to mark these orders as shipped and prepare them for invoicing. They will no longer appear on the shipping screen, and will appear on the invoicing screen.