Integral Accounting Enterprise X now includes a Reports Engine which allows the creation of ad-hoc reports in the system from a list of stored procedures.

The Reports engine analyzes dynamically result of the selected reporting stored procedure, and builds the Report Engines interface of the report. Yu can then select from various output options to display the report. 
The entities in the drop-down is the list of Rpt* stored procedures present in the database which are used to drive the Reports in the Reports Engine.

The data for dropdown loaded from:


The file cotains an array. There are two fields in the array:

label(displayed in dropdown) and reportName(name of stored procedure which is called for report data)
To add new  

Easiest way to change, add new - edit reportTypes.php file to change order or somethings like that. And create new stored procedure with Rpt* name and add item to reportTypes.php

So, if you go into the database you will seea list of stored procedures that start with "rpt" These are the reporting stored procedures that apear in the drop-down.  If you edit any of these procedures the results of the edit will appear automatically in the reports engine. 

If you wanted to add a report to the reports ewngine, create a new stored procedure that gathers the data and includes the fields you want, name it "rptSomething" and then edit the reportTypes.php file with the label and the name you want displaied in the drop-down.