Record Locking

The Integral Accounting Enterprise system uses a pessimistic record locking system to ensure data integrity.

We feel that this is the only record locking scheme that would properly preserve data integrity in accordance with GAAP, IAS and SOX requirements.

We implement the locking scheme in the following manor: When a user opens a record for editing, the system will automatically put a lock on that record, and the user with the lock is the only one that can edit that record which the lock is in place. When the user is finished working with the record, the record is automatically unlocked.

During the time that a record is locked, there will be a message displayed in the record title bar stating who has locked the record, and when the record was locked. This information is helpful if you need access to a record and want to know who is holding the record open.

If you are logged on, and you lose your connection to the system for some reason and leave locks on the records, you can press the "Unlock" button to remove any locks that you had on records. The systems administrator can also run an unlock program by user to release locks left on records.

The administrator also has a tool that can be used to remove the locks for any user that may have a stuck record lock in the system.