Receiving Purchase Orders
Receiving a Purchase Order is the process of confirming that the items received from the vendor/supplier reflect the amount of items originally stated on the purchase order.

To receive a purchase order, from the main screen click on Accounts Payable then click on Purchases then Receive Purchases. This will bring you to the Purchases Receiving screen. A list of posted and approved purchase orders are displayed that are waiting to be received.

Look for the purchase order that is ready to be received. Determine if the amount of items actually received are equivalent to the amount of items that were ordered on the purchase order.

If the amount of items received is identical to the amount of items ordered, press the Receive All button. This receives ALL the items on the purchase order, notes the purchase order as received, and inventory is now updated accordingly.

Click OK to exit that screen and return to the main menu.

If the amount of items is different then press the Receive button. This will bring you to a screen where the line item of the selected purchase order is displayed. Click the pencil next to the item to wish to receive. This brings up another screen where you can manually adjust the quantities received.

The fields displayed reflect the basic information for the purchase order. For the purposes of receiving, you will only be looking at the bottom of the form.

Click the Received box to indicate that part of the purchase order was received.

In the Received Date field, enter the date that the items were received.

In the Receiving Number field, enter a receiving number, if applicable.

Enter the Tracking Number if available.

Enter the actual quantity of items received in the Received Quantity field for that particular item. When you are finished entering the updated quantities and receiving information, click OK

Repeat the above steps for each individual line item that you want to receive. When you are finished, press the OK button.
The purchase order will be Split into two purchase orders. The purchase order with the partially received items is now marked as received and it is complete.

A new purchase order is created with the next available purchase order number and will contain the balance of the items from that purchase order. This purchase order will need to go through the approve and receive process again when the goods arrive.