Printing ChecksFrom the Make Payments screen, click the option on top that says Print Checks. A new browser window will open with the first check to be printed shown in the window. Only the first check will be visible in the browser window. The other checks will be on their own page. To view the other checks, go into the Print Preview option in Internet Explorer and navigate to the other pages there.

At this point, make sure the printer is turned on, and the proper check paper is in the printer.

NOTE:  The checks that work best are Versa Check Classic Style #1000. They have one check per page, and the check is at the top of the page, with the bottom part of the page being the check stub.

Note: If this is the first time you are printing a document from the Enterprise System, the margins need to be changed to 0.25". To do this, go to the page setup option of the browser, (file then page setup) and change all of the margins (top, bottom, left and right) to be 0.25". This must be done so that the check will align properly on the paper. Also, be sure that there is no header or footer information when printing the page. The header and footer information can be viewed and changed in the page setup options of the browser.
If you have already printed a document from the Enterprise System before (i.e., invoices, purchase orders, etc.,) then just print the checks order from your browser as normal.

Once the checks are printed, close browser and return to the main screen. If any of the checks did not print properly, you can click on the Print Checks option to bring the checks up in the browser again. From there, go to Print Preview to navigate to the proper check that needs to be reprinted, and select that individual page for printing.

Once all the checks have printed properly, click Confirm Check Print. This will post the checks to the proper accounts and clear them from the Make Payments screen. Only do this once you have verified that all the checks have been printed properly. Once this step is done, there is no way to undo it.

For specific, technical information about printing checks please review the "MICR Check Printing" document in the Enterprise Help System.

Manual Payments and Manual Checks
Since the Integral Accounting System is GAAP compliant, checks cannot be manually printed. According to GAAP, the payment process must be carefully controlled and audited, and  requires that all payables go through the voucher/approval/check process in order to be paid. Removing this feature and adding the ability to manually print checks and manually make payments will violate GAAP Compliancy.