Installation Guide & Architecture Overview

Please read all of the installation instructions completely in this manual before proceeding!    

Installation of the Integral Accounting Enterprise must be done by someone that is very familiar with installing and supporting the development stack of the chosen product.  This includes but is not limited to, PHP, MySQL, MVC Architecture in PHP, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Jsom, MySQLWorkBench, Navicat, general programming techniques, Internet Information Server (IIS), the Windows Operating System, and / or whatever cloud-based provider you are using. 

You may also need to know how to install and configure PHP Applications in order to complete this installation, and the standard installation of web applications, including the purpose and use of Virtual Directories and config files.  

If you do not have a good understanding of the issues mentioned above, please find someone who understands these issues to help you correctly install the software.

We can perform the installation for you for an additional charge.  



You must install this complete system exactly according to these installation instructions and to all of the default locations, and using the default passwords on a test server or we will not be able to provide you with technical support.

Please note that by not doing the initial product installation to the default locations, you are limiting the ability of technical support to help you solve any problems that you encounter, and, if we encounter a problem we can't solve, we will ask you to re-install the software to default locations to remove this as a variable that may be causing problems.

Once you set-up the system and understand how is functions and how it is organized you can them move the system to your custom locations and change the configurations as you see fit.