Picking Orders

Once an order has been entered and posted, the system checks to see if there is sufficient inventory to fill the order. If so, it is then ready to be Picked. Picking an order is printing the Pick Ticket and giving it to the employees who pull the inventory and prepare it for packing. A Pick Ticket is the document that tells the warehouse employees what items go into that order.

From the Accounts Receivable menu, select Pick & Pack Orders. A screen will be displayed that shows all the orders that have been entered and are ready to be printed and picked. Select the first order you want to print. Click the printer next to that order. This will open the Pick Ticket in a new browser window.

From the browser window, you can print it, email it or save it to a file for later retrieval. You will see a preview of the pick ticket in the browser window. The browser window will display the first page of a pick ticket. If there is more then one page to the pick ticket, scroll down to see the remaining pages.

To Print:

Note: If this is the first time you are printing a document from the Enterprise System, the margins need to be changed to 0.25". To do this, go to the page setup option of the browser, (file then page setup) and change all of the margins (top, bottom, left and right) to be 0.25". This must be done so that the purchase order fits on 8" x 11" paper. Also, be sure that there is no header or footer information when printing the page. The header and footer information can be viewed and changed in the page setup options of the browser.

If you have already printed a document from the Enterprise System before (i.e., invoices, checks, etc.,) then just print the pick ticket from your browser as normal.

To email the pick ticket, (for instance if you want to email the pick tickets to a warehouse manager for them to print) from the browser window where the purchase order is displayed, click on File (from the menu), then Send and select the Page by Email option. This will open your email program and include the pick ticket in a new mail message. You fill in the recipient's name and send the message when ready.

To save the pick ticket to a file for later retrieval, click on File (From the menu) and Save As. Select a location on your hard drive and enter a file name and click save. The pick ticket has now been saved on your hard drive.

Once you are finished working with the document or once it has printed, you can close that window and return to the Picking Screen. Check the box next to the order you just printed so that you have a record that it has been printed. At this point you can click the button at the top of the screen that says Pick Selected Order. This will take the order you just worked with and checked off, and send it to the Shipping Screen where the shipping information (tracking number, ship date), can be entered.

Once an order has been picked, it cannot be edited since at that point the order is at the warehouse and the inventory is being packed into the box for shipping to the customer. Any changes to the order at this point could cause an over-shipment or under-shipment. If the order needs to be changed, the warehouse should return the pick ticket and packing list to the proper department and the order changed in the system.

When you are finished at this screen, click OK to return to the main menu.