Payment Processing
The Integral Accounting Enterprise software has a very advanced accounts payable system that allows the proper splitting of individual payments into separate General Ledger accounts and the tracking of payments by sub-vendor when entering payments and allocating payments to invoices.

Therefore, it is extremely important that before entering payments into the Integral Accounting Enterprise system, you review the documentation found on the pages accessed by clicking the links below. Each page of documentation will guide you through entering a payment and working with the advanced accounts payable system.

  • Entering Payments
  • Approving Payments
  • Making Payments
  • Printing Checks
Manual Payments and Checks
Since the Integral Accounting System is GAAP compliant, checks cannot be manually printed. According to GAAP, the payment process must be carefully controlled and audited, and requires that all payables go through the voucher/approval/check process in order to be paid. Removing this feature and adding the ability to manually print checks and manually make payments will violate GAAP Compliancy.