Order Processing


The order process is a multi-step fulfillment process that organizes and supports a high volume of orders. A general overview of the order process is as follows:

An order is received by the system in one of two ways: either through the shopping cart or manually entered through the order entry screen. Once entered, the order is either on backorder status or ready for picking the items from inventory for the order. After the order is "picked", it is packed and shipped to the customer. Once shipped, an invoice is created and posted to the General Ledger as an accounts receivable.

Entering Orders

Entering Items on an Order

Entering Other Order Information


Picking and Packing



Deleting Orders

Orders can only be deleted if the have not been picked and shipped. Otherwise, once an order is picked and shipped, they cannot be deleted. Doing so otherwise would violate GAAP Compliance, by which the Integral Accounting Software is written.

Common Problems with the Ordering Process

Here are the two main problems that potential customers have with the order process

- If the order is not allocated to inventory, then, the order goes on back order automatically

- If the customer does not have enough credit for the order, then the order goes on back order automatically

So, if you are entering orders and they are "disappearing", then, check the backorders screen.

If you are testing the system, you need to pick a customer for your test, check his credit limit, pick a collection of items, make sure those items are in stock, then you can successfully go through the order process.