Issuing Payments
Once the payments have been entered and approved, the next step is to Make Payments. To make a payment, from the Accounts Payable menu, select Make Payments. This will bring you to the Make Payments screen. This screen shows all the payments that were approved for paying. Check the box next to each payment you wish to actually make.

After all the payments have been selected, and the checks have been selected for printing click the Process Checks option at the top of the screen. This takes the payments and compiles the information, preparing it for printing onto checks. This step will also insert the check number using the next check number available in the system. The checks are now ready to be printed. You can now go to the next step, 

Printing Checks.
If the payments are not all checks, but rather wire transfers, cash or credit cards, then the next step of printing the checks can be skipped. At this point, just click OK to close the screen and return to the main menu.

Manual Payments and Manual Checks
Since the Integral Accounting System is GAAP compliant, checks cannot be manually printed. According to GAAP, the payment process must be carefully controlled and audited, and requires that all payables go through the voucher/approval/check process in order to be paid. Removing this feature and adding the ability to manually print checks and manually make payments will violate GAAP Compliancy.