Integral Accounting Enterprise Maintenance Agreement

To receive any of the Integral Accounting Enterprise Maintenance agreement benefits or any email or web-based support, we must have a signed license agreement on file for your company, and a valid maintenance contract.  You can download the license agreement here:

The base price of the Integral Accounting Enterprise software DOES NOT include the Maintenance Contract.

Maintenance is an additional   999 USD  Per Year

Upon signing the agreement and receipt of payment for the maintenance agreement, the Licensee will receive the following benefits, for one year starting from the date of purchase of the maintenance contract:

1) All new releases, upgrades, enhancements and modifications made to the Integral Accounting Enterprise System for one year from the original Maintenance Agreement purchase date

2) Free email-based technical support:

  • Support issues related to User Issues, Documentation, or Accounting issues should be emailed to
  • Support issues related to bugs in the program or functions giving error messages should be reported in exacting detail, including screenshots and exact steps to reproduce,  to

3) Connection to our GitHub main branch, so you can download all updates and fixes as they are completed by the development team. 

4) This agreement and the benefits listed above ends one year from the date of purchase. 

This maintenance agreement DOES NOT COVER, and Technical support IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for teaching the basics of SQL Server or MySQL, issues such as creating users, backing-up, and restoring databases, or basic issues regarding the programming environments like PHP or  Visual Studio, and other information like compilation and re-building applications. We also do not help with basic accounting issues.

We will help with these issues but the time is billable. 

We are NOT responsible for any breakages or errors that occur due to your custom code or system modifications.

We are NOT responsible for getting the software to operate on non-standard servers, or, for example servers where the default ports have been changed or servers that use complex security set-ups! 

You should be familiar and comfortable working with all of the necessary development tools before installing and programming for this software.

This maintenance agreement, including the above benefits, can be renewed on an annual basis. For current Maintenance Agreement pricing, and/or to renew your Maintenance Agreement, please contact us at  

If you have any questions about this agreement at any time, please contact us at 1-866-206-1863 or email