MICR Check Printing


Integral Accounting Enterprise will print to blank check stock using the supplied MICR US Font. The MICR US True Type font is in the /EnterpriseFonts/MICR US Font directory, along with the source files (Adobe Illustrator Format) used to create the MICR True Type font so you can modify and / or enhance the font if you wish.


Installation Instructions

The MICR US True Type font needs to be installed on the machine where the Bank and the Payroll checks are to be printed. Every client machine that will be printing checks will need to have this font installed. We recommend that you do not put this font on any more computers than are necessary as a security measure.

To install the MICR US True Type font, simple copy the MICR US font file from the Enterprise Font directory into the Font directory of the Windows Client that needs to print checks. A re-boot may be required after you copy the file.


Using MICR Fonts

The MICR US font included with the Integral Accounting Enterprise program is a True Type font, which means that to use it you just change the font attribute and enter the test / number you want to appear in the MICR US type face. MICR US is a 12 point font, and is not meant to be used in any other point size.


Printing MICR Checks

Here are some tips and tricks for printing MICR Checks successfully on your printer:

1) Always print Checks on a Laser Printer - This is for two reasons: First, the quality of the laser printer ensures the proper reproduction of the MICR font, and Secondly since the Laser Toner is magnetic, it will be picked up better by the Banks MICR/OCR machines. Printing on Ink Jet Printers forces the bank's processing machines to rely on OCR only to process the check, and this raises the potential for errors. Also, It is not known at this time how many banks are using MICR/OCR and how many are still just using MICR-Only Readers  to process checks.

2) Most banks now use a combination of MICR and OCR readers to read the bottom MICR Number line of the check, so if the quality of the paper and the printer is good and you use a laser printer, there there should be no problems. However, if your bank rejects your checks (the bank will still process these checks, but when they are returned to you they will have a sticker at the bottom covering the MICR line with a replacement MICR Strip) you may need to contact a MICR Toner manufacturer and purchase MICR toner for your Laser Printer.

3) This MICR US Font was based on the MICR Character Spacing, Weight, and Size that our Bank (Bank Of America), uses, and was only tested with the Bank Of America, so your results may vary.