License Agreement Compliance

Tips on how to comply with the Integral Accounting Enterprise License Agreement

1) All reasonable care must be taken to protect the Integral Accounting Enterprise original source code files, and the distribution medium. The original source code files should not be stored on a computer that is acting as a public web server or is in any other way insecure.

2) All source code for the Integral Accounting Enterprise system code should be compiled, where possible, before being distributed to client sites. For example, some ASP Code can now be compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio, and Install-shield can be used to build executable files for the Desktop Application before distribution.

3) All copies of the Integral Accounting Enterprise Source Code should remain at your site. Source code should not be taken to client sites only compiled source code per #2 above.

4) Integral Accounting Enterprise source code is also present in the Database in the form of T-SQL Stored Procedures within the SQL Server or MySQL databases.  All reasonable care must be taken to ensure that the customer or other end-users do not have access to this information. There are several ways of protecting the database files such as password protecting the installation, encryption of the stored procedures and/or using third-party applications to encrypt the entire installation. Whatever methods you choose is your decision.

5)  If a client of yours also wants access to the source code for the Integral Accounting Enterprise system, another separate source code license must be purchased.

6) The source code can not be shared with off-site developers or shared with any other party, you must purchase an additional license for every copy made of the source code, and the additional parties must sign the license agreement at as well.

If you have any questions about this agreement please email us at