General Ledger Processing


The Integral Accounting Enterprise System features a General Ledger that has a 36 position filed for account numbers, budgets, auditing, and supports multi-currency transactions. The Integral Accounting Enterprise Application is shipped with a default Chart of Accounts in the database. It is a fairly simple Chart of Accounts, but it easily can be completely customized for any type of organization. 

Modifying the General Ledger / Chart of Accounts 

The General Ledger can be easily modified in the system through the use of the "Chart Of Accounts" Screen in the "Ledger" panel in the programs main menu. Look at how some of the GL Accounts are set-up in the system for a good idea about how you should set-up your additional accounts.

General Ledger / Chart of Account Set-up

General Ledger posting accounts are set-up in two places, Default GL accounts are set-up in the "Company Set-up" Screen using the "Accounts" tab. Here is where all of the Default AR, AP, Bank and other posting accounts are defined. These accounts are all set-up by default, but they should be reviewed to make sure they meet your posting needs.

Payroll GL Setup in done in the "Payroll Set-up" Screen in the "Account Set-up" tab. These accounts must be set-up before you begin payroll processing. 

The system setup checklist has more information about this process and can be found in the "Installation & Getting Started Guide"

General Ledger / Chart of Account Periods Set-up

The periods and the period dates are set-up in the "Company Set-up" screen using the "Periods" tab. Please enter your Fiscal year, Fiscal Year Start and End dates, Current Fiscal Period, and Period Start Dates in this Screen before using the software.