Inventory Serial Numbers and Lot Numbers

Inventory Serial Numbers and Lot Numbers can be tracked in the Integral Accounting Enterprise System. The following information details how the Integral Accounting Enterprise system tracks and maintains serial/lot numbers.

Tracking Serial/Lot Numbers during the Purchasing Process:

1. Beginning with the Purchase Order Process, serial/lot numbers are entered on the purchase order. When they are entered, they are stored in the InventorySerialNumbers table related to the InventoryByWarehouse table. In other words, each warehouse bin can have several records in the InventorySerialNumbers table.

2. When new inventory is received with serial/lot numbers, it is distributed among the inventory bins using the standard method. If all the inventory items cannot be placed into one bin (including the Overflow bin), then the serial numbers are distributed between bins.

3. The quantity of inventory related to a specific serial number is stored in the InventorySerialNumbers.

4. The InventorySerialNumbers primary key contains the PurchaseNumber of the purchase for that piece of inventory.

5. If the serial/lot number in the new purchase already exists in any bin, the new record to the InventorySerialNumbers table is not added. Instead, InventoryQty is adjusted accordingly.

Tracking Serial/Lot Numbers during the Ordering Process

1. When a new order is created, the serial/lot number for the item being ordered is entered on the order. The system then searches the bin selected on the order for the inventory that has the matching serial/lot number. If the corresponding serial/lot number is not found, serial number field is left empty on the order.

2. Inventory is pulled from the inventory bins in the standard method. If there is not enough inventory in one bin to fulfill the order that matches the serial/lot numbers, then the rest of the inventory bins are searched for the corresponding serial/lot number.

3. When the order is posted, the current inventory quantity with the corresponding serial/lot number is adjusted accordingly in the InventorySerialNumbers table for each bin where the inventory is being taken out of.