Integral Accounting Enterprise International Features

We developed Integral Accounting Enterprise with both GAAP, IAS, and SOX in mind. The System contains many features that International companies and companies that do business in multiple countries will find necessary to do business. Here is a summary of those features:

Multi-Language - The Integral Accounting Enterprise system allows you to switch between languages on the fly! It also allows you to easily edit the translations that come with the system, or add your own! The Integral Accounting Enterprise System is available in many different languages, including Spanish, Simple Chinese, Arabic, and many more! For a complete list of these languages please visit the demo page, choose the demo you are interested in, and select the language drop-down. 
Multi-Currency - The Integral Accounting Enterprise System is fully multi-currency capable, and allows the use of and tracks and unlimited amount of currencies.
Currency By Transaction - Each transaction (Invoice, Payment, Purchase Order, etc.) in the system can be tracked in it's own currency, and the exchange rate from the time of the transaction is automatically associated with the transaction.
Currency By Bank Account - Each bank account in the system has a currency associated with it, and can transact business in that currency
Exchange Rate History - You can enter exchange rates into the system as often as you like and the new transactions added into the system will use the most current exchange rate. If you enter prior transactions into the system, the system will search for the exchange rate for the date and time that is the closest match to the transaction date and time in the system.
Realized Gains & Losses - The system will automatically track realized gains & losses in the system.
VAT Taxation - The system includes a VAT Tax Framework that allows the collection of various kinds of VAT Taxes. Since VAT Taxation Requirements are VASTLY different from country to country, you may require customization for VAT Taxation to work properly for your area. 
VAT Tax Reporting - The system includes a VAT Tax Reporting Framework. Since VAT Taxation reports are VASTLY different from country to country, you may require customization for the vat taxation reports to work properly for your area. 
Easily Customizable Chart Of Accounts - The Chart of Accounts in the system is easily modifiable to support any extra accounts that you need to set-up in the system to transact business for your country.
Complete Customization for your Needs - If there is something special that you need to add to the system to support your special International Accounting needs, the Integral Accounting Enterprise system comes with full and complete source code so you can modify any area within the program to meet your exact needs.