Integral Accounting Enterprise X Cpanel Hosting

We have many customers asking about the hosting requirements for the Integral Accounting Enterprise X and if Enterprise X will run on cpanel-based hosts. 

We did a lot of research on various hosting platforms regarding cpanel usage,  This is what we have found:

There are multiple companies offering different kinds of cpanel servers, and not all of the cpanels have the same features. Many hosting companies limit cpanel users in some way or other, and, we find that the cheaper the cpanel the most likely it is that they don’t support the full cpanel feature set. For example, last year Git came out with a cpanel app, but, not a lot of hosting companies have this available for their customers yet.

So, for the system to properly work on the cpanel you need the following:

1) Needs to Support PHP 7+ and MySQL 5+
2) Needs to support GitHub
3) Needs to be able to adjust individual config files, like config.php and the mysql configuration files
4) Very Helpful if you can remotely access MySQL from your desktop for uploading database scripts

and most importantly

5) Access to the command line

Basically, we have found if you can get to a command line, then, we are fairly certain you can install anything you need and get GitHub to work.

That being said, we recommend a VPS server for hosting, and we prefer Windows Server only because we feel the Windows Versions of the free development tools available are slightly easier to use. 

Also, it's just basic economics and time savings to own a VPS, It’s easier to buy a VPS that we know will work with the software, rather than troubleshoot each individual cpanel installation not knowing what specific features are offered by each individual cpanel hosting provider.  


An 8 USD - 12 USD a month cpanel may or may not run the software,

A 20 USD per month VPS most certainly will run the software. 

Also remember for that 20 USD a month VPS server you can run multiple clients


We are now using for our servers. For basic development purposes, The 10 USD a month plan will run the software just fine. Please note, is barebones VPS hosting, no cpanel, no tools, you have to do all administration yourself.