Entering Other Order Information

Entering the Payment Information

Once everything at the Main screen has been entered click the Payment button just above the customer information (below the Customer ID field). At this screen you will enter the payment information for this order, if the customer is paying for the order at the time of placing the order.

If the customer will be invoiced, then there is no need to complete this screen at this time.

The GL Sales Account field will be automatically selected based on the information entered during the Inventory Setup process.

Select the Payment Method (i.e., credit card, check, etc), that the customer is using from the drop down list in the Payment Method ID field.

Enter the remaining payment information in the rest of the fields, either the Check Number and Check Date (if paying by check) or the credit card information (if paying by credit card). 

Many of the fields on this screen will be automatically filled in based on the information entered on the Main order screen.

Enter the actual amount of the payment in the Payment field at the bottom of the screen. This could be equivalent to the Balance Due or it could be a partial payment. If it is a partial payment, then enter the amount paid, and the balance will be invoiced and can be handled as such.

Once all the information is entered for the order and the order is final, click the Book button. You MUST Book the order for it to properly enter the system. This will enable the system to post the order to the proper accounts, adjust committed inventory quantities (marking inventory as being committed for an order) and prepares the order for printing, and shipping. At this point, no changes can be made to the order unless it is Unbooked. When the Book button is pressed, the screen will close and you will return to the Main Menu Screen.

To return to the Main screen, click the button labeled Main and that will bring up the basic customer information for the order.