Enter & View Employees

The system allows you to keep track of employee information in the "Enter & View Employees" Screen

We provide a lot of fields for you to use for employee tracking.

There really are no required fields, you can use any many or as little as you like. We do recommend that you enter all of your employees so you have the information centrally located regardless of if they require system access or not.

We do have a few special fields whose function should be specifically addressed.

For employees that don't need access to the system, you should enter their name, phone, address, next of kin, and their unique government id number

For employees that do need access to the system, in addition to the information mentioned previously, you should also enter the following:

Employee User ID and Password:  This is the information that the employee needs to access the system, and, this information will also be stamped into their transactions and can be tracked in the auditing sections

In addition, the employee needs to have a manual security record created in the "Access Permissions" table.

Once you create this record, you can assign them specific system functionality and limit their access to certain functions.

We recommend for GAAP and IAS accounting purposes, as well as auditing and security purposes, that you limit the employee access to only their minimum required functions, and that you recognize and implement GAAP-Accounting standard separation of functions.