Company Document Numbers

The Integral Accounting Enterprise System automatically keeps track of document numbers, such as invoices, purchase orders, checks, etc., that are used on a regular basis and automatically assigns the next available number to each document when the transaction is entered into the system.

The Company Document Numbers screen is where all of the document numbers are stored, and where the starting document numbers that your company is currently using are entered. For example, if in your existing accounting system, the next document number for an Invoice is 2013, and you are going to process the next invoice in the Integral Accounting Enterprise system, then the number 2013 number would be entered on this screen so that the next Invoice processed will be using number 2013.

To accurately enter the next document numbers in to the system, it is recommended that you have a list of your company's current Document ID Numbers and that you are absolutely sure that all new documents will be entered into the system from that point forward. If you enter a starting document number and do not use that number for the next document, your numbering system may become inaccurate and out of synch.

The Company Document Number screen can be accessed from the Company Setup menu. The system comes shipped with a set of basic Company Document numbers that can be customized to meet your needs. During the Setup and Installation process, and as one of the items on the Setup Checklist, it is recommended that this screen be reviewed to ensure that the Document Numbers entered meet the way your company does business.

This screen is used only during the initial Company Setup procedure to enter the Document Numbers that your company uses. Once it is set up, should not be altered or changed in any way. Editing or changing the data in this table after the initial company setup could seriously affect the integrity of the data in the system.

Note: It is recommended that only the administrator have access to this screen after the Company Setup Procedure has been completed to avoid accidental editing of data on this screen.

Adding a New Document Number:

To add a new document number, click the New button and a blank line will be added into the table. Click the pencil to edit that line, and two boxes will appear.

In the first text box, under the heading "Next Number Name", enter the name of the Next document number for that particular document. 

In the second text box, under the heading "Next Number Value", enter the next number that will be actually used for that particular document.

For example: If you want to enter the starting number for Work Orders, and the next Work Order Document Number is 2015, you would enter "NextWorkOrderNumber" for the Next Number Name and the number "2015" for the Next Number Value.

Note: You must use the prefix "Next" in the Next Number Name field.

Click the Save button (the image of the floppy disk) to save that particular record. Click the Cancel Button (the blue arrow) to cancel any changes made to that record. Click the Delete button (the red x) to delete the record before saving or if a blank record was created that will not be used.

You must click save after entering each document number to save that number.

Once you are finished entering and setting up the document numbers, click OK to return to the main menu.