Most Common Demo Application Problems

Live On-Line Demo Problems Common to All Applications

The most common problem that we have reported with the Demo application is due to maintenance outages. It seems that every time we bring down the system for maintenance, someone is logged on and gets kicked out of the application! We will be addressing this issue soon and logged on users will receive notification when the system is going down for maintenance.  Please review the "Maintenance Windows" section for times when the application will be un-available.


Language Issues

Here are some typical problems with the language translations that you may encounter:

Formatting - If you wish to view a language and see what it would operate like for that particular language in full detail, you would need to view the language from a computer localized for that country.  For example, if you view the Arabic language translation from a computer localized to US-English, the screen may not display properly.

Font Size - You may need to adjust the font size in your browser if you can't see the language properly. To do this, just select "View" from the menu bar at the top of the screen, then select "Text Size" and then "Largest". You can adjust setting until you get it right for your display resolution. 

Database - You will notice that when you switch to another language, that all of the sample data in the database will be in English or could also be in a mix of other languages. This is because all of the languages share the same database for data. The data is set for Unicode, so if you are testing the language from a localized machine, the test data you enter will appear in the language that you are testing in. At the same time, another user could be entering English Data. This is normal.


Maintenance Windows

Sunday Night from 12:00am EST to 1:00am EST is our typical Network Maintenance Window and we are normally down for a short while within this time for router resets and network software upgrades.

Typically, the application is brought down at the end of the business day on Friday's for Maintenance, and sometimes also late Sunday Night's. 

We reboot and reset the databases normally late Sunday Night / Early Monday, as well, so if you enter data for testing you should start your tests on Monday and try to have them complete by the following Friday.

Please note that during these maintenance times, any Desktop Shell applications will not function either since it will not be able to find it's web pages.