Modifying the Integral Accounting Enterprise System

Integral Accounting Enterprise includes all of the source code for every part of the system. The system is designed and is intended to be heavily modified to meet each particular users needs so we expect a lot of modifications will be made to the system. Please make sure that you review all of the documents in the help system and all of the documents in the technical reference guide before you begin your modifications, making sure to specifically review the document on naming conventions and the documents on customization.

When you make modifications to the Integral Accounting Enterprise System, please try to keep these basic rules in mind. If you follow these rules, it will be mush easier to re-integrate your changes into our future releases of the Integral Accounting Enterprise System:

1) Always back-up the system and / or the individual components that you are modifying before you make any changes or modifications to it.

2) You may add to the database in any way that you wish, but we recommend that you do not remove any fields from the database, or change any data types of any existing fields. We also recommend that you do not remove any of the existing tables.

3) When you make changes to any of our reports, we recommend that you give your changed and customized reports different names than ours.

4) If you make changes to the base classes, please make sure these changes are carefully documented and that you can reverse these changes if need be. All of your classes should be in separate class files in a different directory than our base class directory ("Common")

6) We recommend that if you make any code changes or modifications that you do this in accordance with the "Customization Overview" documents within this help system. The customization overview documents describe exactly how to make code changes to the Integral Accounting Enterprise System and not loose them in software upgrades.

7) Create separate GitHub Branches for the Core product and your specific customizations. 

Please completely review this important document prior to making any changes to the Integral Accounting Enterprise System!

Many customers ask how to preserve their custom changes to the Integral Accounting Enterprise system when we release new versions of the software. The solution to this problem is very simple, all of your custom changes to the program can be kept in a separate directories in the project files. The Integral Accounting Enterprise Application is designed as a Dot Net Solution, with all of the features being implemented as sub-projects to the main solutions, or, as separate GitHub Branches. 

When you define your custom code as a sub-directory to our main project, and we issue a new release, you can simply "re-attach" the files in your directory to the project, and all of your modifications made within that sub-directory will be preserved completely, and only minor modifications will be required to re-integrate your custom code back into the enterprise project.