Cash Receipt Processing

There are three ways a Receipt can be entered into the Integral Accounting Enterprise System.

First, if payment is received at the time the order is placed, the system will process the order, post the invoice, and create the receipt for that invoice automatically.

Second, if payment is received at the time the invoice is created, the system will post the invoice and create the receipt for that invoice automatically.

Third, if payment is received after the invoice is created, or at any other time, the receipt would need to be manually entered directly into the Receipt Screen then applied to the invoice at a later time. It is this method that this section of the documentation will cover.

When you are ready to manually enter a receipt, from the Accounts Receivable menu, select Receipts. This will bring you to the Main Receipt Entry Screen. You will see a list of all the receipts that have been entered for your company or division. Click the New button at the top right of the screen and a blank screen will appear with some of the fields already completed. This is where you will enter the receipt.

Select the method of payment from the Receipt Type ID drop down field. This could be cash, check, credit card, etc.

If the customer is paying by Check, enter the Check Number in the next field.

Select the Customer ID from the list of customers by pressing the button at the end of this line. 

Enter the date you are entering the receipt for Transaction Date.

Select the type of currency that the receipt is being received in from the drop down list in the the Currency ID field. (For example, if the customer is paying in Euro Dollars, then select the Euro dollar from the drop down list).

The Currency Exchange Rate will automatically be completed once the Currency ID Field is selected.

Enter the Amount of this receipt in this field.

Select the GL Bank Account from the drop down list that this receipt is being credited to.

The remaining fields are automatically completed by the system and do not need to be edited or entered.

After the information on the "Main" screen has been entered, the next step is to enter the detailed information for this payment. Click the New button towards the bottom of the screen in the Receipts Detail section. This will bring up three fields.

If there is a Document Number associated with this receipt, enter it in this field.

Enter the Document Date in this field.

The Amount field will automatically be completed based on the amount entered in the field above.

If there is a Project ID associated with this receipt, select it from the drop down list. Otherwise, this field can be left blank.

When all the information has been entered, OK to post the receipt. This will post the receipt to the General Ledger and prepare the receipt for the next step, Applying the Receipt to an Invoice.