Bank Transactions

The Bank Transactions Screen is where manual bank transactions would be entered that are not already entered in the system either through the normal procedures or bank reconciliation.

An example of a manual bank transaction that would be entered in this screen would be a miscellaneous cash deposit or withdrawal (such as petty cash). Bank service fees, interest charges, etc., are not entered on this screen since they are entered on the Bank Account Reconciliation Screen during the Bank Reconciliation process.

To access the Bank Transaction screen, from the main menu select General Ledger then select Enter and View Bank Transactions. This will bring up a screen displaying all the bank transactions that were manually entered into the system through this screen. 

To enter a new bank transaction, click on the New button to bring up a blank screen with the following fields to enter the data for a specific bank transaction.

Bank Transaction ID: This field is automatically populated and the ID is automatically generated by the system when the transaction is saved. It cannot be edited.

Bank Document Number: If there is a bank document number (such as deposit slip receipt number, etc.) associated with the transaction you are entering, enter it in this field.

Cash Account: From the drop down list, select the General Ledger cash account for this transaction.

Offset Account: From the drop down list, select the offset General Ledger account for this transaction. For example, if the transaction being entered is for a withdrawal of Petty Cash, the cash account selected would be the cash account where the cash is being deposited or withdrawn and the offset account would be the Petty Cash Account.

Transaction Type: From the drop down list, select the transaction type for this transaction. This list is populated from the Bank Transaction Types

Transaction Date: Enter the date of the transaction in this field.

Currency ID: From the drop down list, select the Currency ID for this transaction.

Currency Exchange Rate: This field will be automatically populated once the Currency ID is selected in the previous field.

Transaction Amount: Enter the amount of the transaction in this field.

Beginning Balance: If this transaction is a manual entry to record a beginning balance in an account, check this box off. Otherwise, leave the box unchecked.

Reference: If there is any reference information (additional document numbers, etc) associated with this transaction, enter the information in this field.

Notes: Enter any notes about this transaction in this field.

The Posted and Cleared check boxes are automatically completed by the system when the Bank Transaction is posted and when the transaction has been marked as "Cleared" during the bank reconciliation process.

When you are finished entering the bank transaction, click OK to save the transaction and return to the main Bank Transaction Screen. From there, you can enter a new transaction or go to the main screen.