Integral Accounting Enterprise Automatic Error Reporting

The Integral Accounting Enterprise system has four methods of displaying and reporting important errors that occur within the system.  They are:

1.       Displaying the errors at the top of the screen in Red Text as they occur and/or opening a pop up box with the error displayed in it.

2.       Writing the Errors to a log file

3.       Emailing the errors to the system administrator

4.       Writing a log into the Database to track internal stored procedure errors that might occur.

5.       Opening an error screen when you can review the error in detail and email it to support

There is also a separate error log and email sent for shopping cart errors.

Error Log File

These Errors that occur are also written to a log file in the system. Please review this file on a periodic basis to make sure there are not errors that are missed and so you are aware of any errors occurring in the system. You should also check the file permissions on "errlog.txt" to make sure the application has read-write access to this file.

Emailing of Errors to the System Admin

The new error handler build into the Integral Accounting Enterprise system is also set-up by default to email any errors that occur to the system administrator defined in the software.

Error Log in the Database

The Integral Accounting Enterprise system also has error reporting controls build into all of the stored procedure that process business logic. These procedures write error log code into the systems Error Log Header and Error Log Detail tables in the Enterprise database.

Please make sure that the application has write permission for the system log files.