Applying the Receipt to an Invoice

After the receipt has been entered into the system, the last step in the receipt process is applying the receipt to the invoice. From the Accounts Receivable Menu, select Cash Receipts. This will bring up a list of all the customers with open or unapplied receipts. Clicking on a customer's name will display the open or unapplied receipts for that particular customer.

To apply a receipt to an invoice, click on the name of the customer to bring up the list of receipts for that customer. 

Next, click on the receipt that you want to apply to the open invoices for the customer. A list of outstanding invoices for that customer will be displayed.

Click the check box next to the invoice that you want to apply the receipt to.

If the amount of the receipt is different then the amount of the invoice, or if you want to partially pay the invoice from that particular receipt, enter the amount in the Amount Paid column at the end of the line (in the box).

Click Cash Receipt (at the top of the screen) to apply the receipt to the invoice. 

If there is any unapplied amount on the receipt, the system will automatically create a credit memo for that customer which can be applied towards future invoices.

When finished, click OK. You will return back to the Customer screen. If there are no unapplied receipts, the list will be empty. If there are any unapplied receipts, they will be displayed in the list.