Integral Accounting Enterprise X API Usage and Implementation

The Integral Accounting Enterprise X system has an API. It is a MySQL-Based API and The API is implemented using the stored procedures.

The usage and operation of the business logic in the Enterprise X system is organized and used by the interface as a MySQL-Based API.

For an example of how the API Functions:

Lets say you want to create a new invoice and post it.

First, you populate a new invoice record using any method you like (Form data entry, system generated, etc.)

When the invoice is populated, you call the GetNextNumber(Invoice) to get the next invoice number

You assign that number to the invoice, and pass the entire new record to the Post_Invoice(InvoiceNumber)  which then completes the posting action and issues a return code of success or failure.

This makes the system really easy to program for, and, really easy to integrate third party tools, as the tools can populate a record and make a stored procedure API call to post an invoice for example.  

The best part of the API is that it works in any language that supports MySQL without having to learn anything new!

If you have any more questions, please let usknow!